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Interviews to come!


Hi, everyone! I haven't been posting as much as I have been trying to work on a lot of things and my time was short! I am dedicating more time to this blog, and have two fun interviews coming up with 3 awesome women!

To give you a sneak peek of one such interview, here are some images of some spectacular murals which my friends Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn created. Jessie and Katey attended college with me at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and they were always incredibly inspiring to me. These artists did not conform to fads and their work has been created out of incredible ingenuity and creativity. Extremely community minded & connected, Jessie received her Masters of Community Art from MICA after we graduated in 2005, and has continued to work with members of the Baltimore community to take once blighted places and turn them into vibrant pieces of art.

You would be hard pressed to find two funnier and creative ladies, I feel super lucky I was able to meet them during my time at MICA!

Here are some photos to whet your appetite for the full interview coming soon!


Fanfarlo | NPR First Listen

My friend Amos is in the band Fanfarlo. Amos married my friend Adriana and they reside in London, England, they make a fantastic pair! I miss them both, but it's really nice to be able to listen to these tunes as I have loved Fanfarlo for a couple years now. Their tunes uplift my day!  Please enjoy the premier of their video of the single, "Shiny Things" off of their much anticipated follow-up album to their hit album Reservoir, back in 2009, Rooms Filled With Light.


If you read my blog, you probably already know that one of my favorite illustrators is Grady McFerrin Here is one of his fantastic dioramas :)



Pearl and the Beard house show



My friends Jocelyn, Emily and Jeremy have an awesome band called Pearl and the Beard and they played at my house last night for me and some friends. It was easily one of the most enjoyable evenings ever! I love them and feel so happy that they were able to pass through Columbus on their tour. Please check out their site and buy their albums! Amazing side note: Jocelyn and I went to MICA together and she received her BFA in Fibers. She created the schematic for that three person sweater - LOVE it! If you buy the album, the schematic is inside the digipak case :)  As if you need one more reason to buy it... Also, catch them in your city:


09.07 The Park House, 10:30pm (Pittsburgh, PA)

09.08 Live on liberty, 6pm (Pittsburgh, PA)

09.09 House Show, 8pm (Kennett Square, PA)

09.14 9:30 Club, 8pm (Washington, DC)

11.19 Concerts at the Crossing, 8pm (Pennington, NJ)


 The house is filled with so much light and love now. Thanks Pearl and the Beard! :)




My two great loves in the canoe!

Nat and Beth waiting very patiently for our turn to go canoeing. It was very busy at the Hocking River Canoe Livery that day. Livery is such a funny word for a canoe shack.

Hooray! We're on the open water - the birthday girl is having a pretty good time...

By the end of the weekend, Dixie was exhausted and ready to go home.

This image is just to prove that in the Midwest "pop" is an acceptable term for soda. My friends in college in Baltimore used to make fun of me whenever I used the word pop to describe a beverage they would say "Where are you FROM!?"


Wonderful weekend.