Herein begins a break from work for 2 weeks! Hoping to be productive and restful! So far so good on the restful part. :)



Our trip out east was wonderful! So short but so sweet. :)



One year ago today my family and I officially said goodbye to my Dad during his wake and funeral. This year has taught me a lot about life, relationships and everlasting love. My Dad could not have been funnier. The thing I miss most of all is sitting and laughing with him. He was so wise and always had an answer for any question I had. My Dad was quietly empathetic, and generous to his favorite charities. In the holiday season of 2011, my Dad said he did not want any gifts for Christmas, just donations to the Mid Ohio Foodbank. He died suddenly December 9th of last year. I think my Dad got many many more donations from various people. 


This holiday season, I am feeling very thankful for all that has been given to me. My life, my family, education, friendships, opportunities & my outlook. I hope this season, we can all spend some time remembering how we got where we are today. Who paved the way for us? For whom are we thankful? 


This one goes out to you Dad, one of your all time favorites:


Taking flight

Heading to the airport to fly to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for the weekend. Feeling thankful for good friends, sunny days, warm jackets & the chance to see some old friends this weekend! I'm excited to visit my college , The Maryland Institute College of Art, too. Updates to come!



Just reminiscing about the beautiful summer while I sifted through some older photos.