Dive in!

Dixie and I have been inspired to dive in to new things today. Having a lot of fun exploring my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Tune in to my next 7 posts while I make a small portrait of the city I've call home for 25 years (not consecutively)!

This will be fun. These photos are from Goodale Park which is located in the Short North & more specifically Victorian Village. We love this neighborhood park & visit daily on our walks with Dixie. Today I was surprised that there weren't people sledding on the hill, but I was more surprised to see 4 sleds just sitting there with no one else in the park.

I wish I could say I jumped on and went down. I badly wanted to, but was concerned Dixie might freak out! I do want to go back later in my snow pants! Have a great Saturday!


Winter months

I've really enjoyed time to relax, bundle up, brainstorm and rest these past few weeks. The snow has made the night super bright & has brought just the right amount of change that always jump starts my creativity. Stay tuned for what I've been working on!

I'm not big on resolutions, per say, but I do love goals! With that said, I'm going to take some time now to think of my Top 5 Goals for 2013. If you'd like to share any of your goals, feel free in the comments! What will you need to accomplish these goals? A friend? Some extra funds? A space? A kick in the pants (usually what I need most!)?

Whatever it is, I want to dedicate myself to these 5 Goals fully. If I accomplish them, I can move on to more.

I'm looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me & my friends and family! So far so good. :)

This image is driving home on a cold New Years eve morning from Cincinnati to Columbus on Monday. It was the start to a great last day of 2012!


Happy new year

Wishing you lots of joy this coming year!


Happy Trails to you



We have been having a ton of fun in the snow! :)